Looking back at 2012

I started 2012 with some pretty bold (i.e. unrealistic) goals:

I) finish either the Lakeland 100 or UTMB
2) run a sub 24 hour 100
3) run a sub 10 hour 50

1) finish either the Lakeland 100 or UTMB
I didn’t really manage this. I’m not going to claim to have ‘finished UTMB’ until I go back and finish the proper route. But I finished the race that was run this year. The (huge) route modification was frustrating but I can understand why they did it. I got off to a decent start and was comfortably (by my standards at least) inside the time-limits, but complacency set in, I made some silly mistakes with food & drink and I finished a bit slower than I probably could have done. I’ll almost certainly go back to put this one to bed at some point, but it doesn’t obsess me quite as much as it used to-the atmosphere in Chamonix this year was a bit too much like Ironman. Looking on the bright-side my solo training loop of the route in July was one of the highlights of the year.
  1. 2) run a sub 24 hour 100
I pulled this one from thin air. Given that my PB at the start of the year was 34:16 I’ve no idea why I thought it was remotely possible. I didn’t manage it, but I got very, very close: 5.5 hours off my PB at the Games 100 and another
4 hours at Run 24, leaving me tantalising close with 24:33.
Chipping those remaining 33 minutes off is one of my main goals for 2013, the Thames Path 100 is the first attempt and then maybe a 24 hour track race later in the year.

  1. 3) run a sub 10 hour 50
With a 10:29 PB this was a bit more plausible. I had in mind the Ladybower 50 or Round Rotherham. As it was they turned into a death-plod and a DNS respectively, but I did chip 7 minutes off at Run 24 (you’re probably not supposed to start a 24 hour race with a 50 mile PB).

On paper I didn’t really manage any of my goals. But I’m very happy with my 100 times (and the ‘2nd place solo woman’ trophy which is sat on the mantelpiece).