UTMB rematch is on!

I sat in front of my laptop at 8.55am on Friday constantly hitting refresh on the UTMB web-site. Eventually (at pretty much bang on the announced 9.00am) the ‘waiting’ next to my name changed to ‘to pay’. Which was the organisers slightly cryptic way of telling me I’d got a place for 2012.

By the time the confirmation e-mail arrived later in the day I’d paid the rest of the registration fee and sorted us out accommodation in Chamonix (an apartment which is cheaper, and hopefully more pleasant, than the hotels we’ve stayed in in the past). Still mulling over the flight dilemma: EasyJet from Gatwick or a non-direct flight from a more local airport with a ‘proper’ airline.

Today I did my first ‘long’ run of the year: Sheffield to Edale via Stanage Edge, Win Hill and Lose Hill. I’d originally been planning to carry on over Mam Tor and possibly round to Jacob’s ladder. However thanks to strong wind and deep mud that would’ve made me late for my rendezvous with the other half for tea in The Rambler Inn.  Repeatedly getting blown off the path on the Mam Tor ridge was the final straw and I decided to drop down into Edale, do a quick out and back through the village to squeak the mileage up to 20, and call it a long, slow day.