2017 ended on a low note, with exhaustion, injury and a crappy performance at a 24 hour track race. But on the whole it’s been a good running year.

The highlights were pretty good. I really enjoyed Vol State and finished far quicker than I thought I could. I also managed decent PBs at 100 miles and 24 hours in Helsinki back in February, despite sleepiness and puking.

The Viking Way was another DNF, but a better one than in 2016. 131 miles (out of 147) sounds closer than it actually was though. From early on it was clear that I wasn’t running fast enough and the wheels (both mental and physical) finally came off on the infamous Sewestern (mud) lane.

The 24 hour track race in Sweden was simply a race too far. After the PBs in Helsinki I was keen to see how much further I could go if I trained specifically and hopefully avoided power-naps and puking. I knew that training during the Autumn would be tough, but work kicked my arse and it turned into a not particularly successful suffer-fest. Lesson learnt: don’t enter big races late in the year (and definitely don’t enter the Winter edition of the Viking Way).

The other positive (and surprising) thing to come from 2017 was discovering yoga. I started doing hot yoga as a temporary thing, to acclimatise for Vol State. But it turns out that I really enjoy it, and it’s also good for my stress muppet tendencies.