Canal dreaming

With post Run24 niggles stopping me running, my attention has wandered to future goals. A sub-24 100 is the obvious one. And ‘oh look, entries for the 2013 Thames Path 100 have opened and are filling quickly’. So I entered. Being in decent shape in late March is going to be a challenge (the weather and work over winter usually tire me out). But since hill repeats have got me into decent flat shape this year, hopefully I can do it on not too OTT training hours.

And with the slowly growing realisation that while I love running in the mountains I’m better (or less bad at least) at plodding on the flat, a bigger plan is fermenting. The
Grand Union Canal Race had never really appealed to me. 145 mile, in a more or less flat straight line, from Birmingham to London: why?? I always thought I’d do it one day, just to tick the box. But I’m now thinking `how about next year’...