I'm a Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nottingham.

I work on astroparticle physics, at the interface between particle physics and astrophysics. I’m a member of the Particle Cosmology Group and also interact closely with the Astronomy Group.

Currently my main focus is dark matter. I’m particularly interested in the signals expected in WIMP and axion detection experiments and what we can learn about the properties of dark matter. I also work on early Universe cosmology, in particular primordial black holes and inflation. Information about potential PhD projects can be found here.

I’m actively involved in various outreach activities, ranging from schools talks to an In Our Time episode on Dark Matter on Radio 4. I lecture 3rd year Introduction to Cosmology, supervise 3rd and 4th year projects on dark matter and inflation, and am the departmental REF Environment coordinator. I’m on the editorial board of the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics and have served on various STFC and IOP committees, and international funding panels.

Here are my CV, inSPIRE profile page and contact details. These slides (from a Women in Science seminar organised by the Nottingham Women in Maths PhD group) summarise my academic history.

When I’m not doing physics I like to run very long distances (through peat bogs in Winter, across Tennessee in mid Summer and even round and round in small circles) and travel (often wearing my favourite red trousers).