Teaching & departmental admin: 2022-23

  • Third year Introduction to cosmology module
  • Fourth year Modern cosmology module
  • Third year project: ‘Gamma-rays from dark matter annihilation’
  • Third year project: ‘Dark matter direct detection’
  • First year tutorials
  • Assessments for Fourth year project modules
  • Committees: Senior Management Group, Research Operations Group, School Promotions Group…

Previous teaching & departmental admin:

  • Departmental REF environment co-ordinator
  • Head of first year
  • Second year Wave phenomena module. I designed (and taught for 8 years) the 2nd half of this core module. My lecture notes are here.
  • Fourth year Imaging Processing synoptic module
  • Midlands Physics Alliance Graduate School, astronomy & particle physics co-ordinator
  • Masterclass organizer
  • Committees: Research Operations Group, Teaching Operations Group, Teaching Committee, Learning Community Forum, Outreach, …