Publications: misc dark matter

Dark matter in astrophysics/cosmology
Anne M. Green
SciPost Phys. Lect. Notes 37 (2022) 1

Cosmic microwave background constraints on coupled dark matter
Sophie C. F. Morris and Anne M. Green
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A self-consistent phase-space distribution function for the anisotropic Dark Matter halo of the Milky Way
Mattia Fornasa and  Anne M. Green
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Cosmological effects of coupled dark matter
Sophie C. F. Morris, Anne M. Green, Antonio Padilla and Ewan R. M. Tarrant
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Are there MACHOs in the Milky Way halo?
Anne M. Green and Karsten Jedamzik
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Probing the mass function of halo dark matter via microlensing
Anne M. Green
ApJ 537, 708-719 (2000)