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My main motivation for writing about my Spine race in excruciating detail was to process the experience, and get it out of my head. There’s way too much information here (in particular about the inner workings of my head) and it’s not an interesting/entertaining read. In fact it would probably be best left hidden away on my hard drive. But for me finishing the race was definitely a case of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’. Not only did the 2012 and 2013 finishers demonstrate that it was possible, they shared a lot of information about what it took. So here, in case they’re useful for future entrants, are my Spine ramblings.

The other disclaimer is that this is my version of events. I’ve tried not to tell other people’s stories, in particular since my perception of things which happened might be very different from other people’s (and reality was probably something else again...). However, even for someone as independent/antisocial as me, it’s impossible to write about the race without mentioning other people. If I have got something wrong and/or offended someone, please let me know (ppzamg AT gmail.com) and I’ll try and do something about it.

The week before
Stage 1, a slow start
Stage 2, the long one
Stage 3, plodding on fumes
Stage 4, I wish I had a willy
Stage 5, the 1100 calorie brunch
Stage 6, the race for last orders
The aftermath

I’ve also (being one of the world’s biggest anal retentives) compiled a list of other people’s blogs:
Blog list